Here are a few sites I find worthwhile. I have tried to group them by theme.

SwirlyGigs® are the finest products on the planet and I heartily endorse them and the horse they rode in on. You can see me using one here . They were invented by Sid Tincher, a Captain of Industry I am proud to call my friend. I could go on and on about how wonderful Sid is, but you are probably all very familiar with her and her many accomplishments already.

These folks do damn good work, and they also bring us that Animal Precinct show that airs on Animal Planet:

My favorite Pit Bull Rescue/Information site:

Cats From Outer Space:


James Lileks, a columnist for the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, has a daily bloggish thing called The Bleat. He's a very funny man:
Lileks is so funny, in fact, that his website is full of things that make me laugh til I cry, including the Gallery of Regrettable Food:

I'm glad other people notice how many ridiculous things there are to observe in day to day life. Some are gathered here at This Is Broken:

The detritus of your life could end up here at Found Magazine:

Here's a new favorite--The Gallery of Misused Quotation Marks:


I could spend hours looking at these album covers. I have, actually:

From the same shadowy world of music that produced the above, The Song Poem Archive:

There are several long pieces I did on very creepy subjects here at the Crime Library:

And here at the Dual Lens, I write about movies:

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